24hr bike hire

We are open every day but if you find us closed, don’t be disappointed, you can still hire bikes from our ‘click2cycle’ stand on Shanklin seafront. Our docked bike hire is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 365 days a year.

Just download the app:

Download ‘click2cycle’ to ride:

How it works:

To rent a bike from click2cycle, all you will need is a smartphone and debit or credit card.  


Locate an available
hire bike in the dock.


Scan QR code to unlock hire bike and begin rental.


Pay as you go.


Park your hire bike in the dock to end your rental.

Pause and relax!

Pause your hire bike free of charge for 20 minutes!

Important: Please note that your rental and responsibility for the hire bike continues whilst in pause mode.

Pay as you go.

First hour: £6

Additional time: £4 per hour

Minimum hire/charge: £6.00

Pause your ride: FREE / 20 mins max.


Start here. Go anywhere. 


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